DAA AdChoices Icon: Consumer Trust, Understanding and Support

Americans widely recognize, understand, trust and support the ubiquitous blue triangular AdChoices icon that appears on ads, websites and apps and provides access to information and choices about ads, according to a survey. new survey conducted by Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). The survey found that about four in five respondents recognize the AdChoices icon, find it useful, say it is easy to understand, and want to continue having access to icon-based information and choices about advertising.

“The AdChoices Icon program is one of the great success stories in modern advertising self-regulation,” he said. Lou Mastria, President and CEO of the DAA. “This simple privacy icon has become a trusted, real-time gateway to information and choices about advertising for millions of Americans, and this survey shows that a large majority recognize it, understand it, and support its continued and expanded use.” in new media and trust it. the brands that use it.”

Among the DAA survey findings:

  • Four out of five respondents (79%) recognized the AdChoices iconand respondents said they recognize it a lot (45%) or somewhat (34%).
  • The majority of respondents (53%) understood what the icon does.Saying it correctly gives the person information and options about the types of ads they receive.
  • More than three-quarters (78%) said the AdChoices icon is usefuland respondents said it is very (24%) or somewhat (54%) useful.
  • The vast majority (85%) said the AdChoices icon is easy to understand. and respondents said it is very (32%) or somewhat (53%) easy to understand.
  • Nearly three-quarters (72%) said the AdChoices icon increases trust in advertisers who use it. and respondents said it increased confidence a lot (15%) or somewhat (57%).
  • Three-quarters (78%) of respondents said it is important to have access to simple, icon-based information and options about advertising.and respondents said it is very (31%) or somewhat (47%) important.
  • By a margin of more than two to one, respondents preferred to use the existing AdChoices icon over alternatives.and 72% say AdChoices should be used for new and existing ad options, versus 28% who say different icons should be used.
  • By a similar two-to-one margin, respondents said policymakers should encourage companies to use the AdChoices icon. (70%) vs. creating different icons/tools (30%).
  • Three-quarters (75%) said using multiple icons would be confusingsaying it would be very (28%) or somewhat (47%) confusing if there were multiple icons that provided similar types of advertising information/options.

“In addition to validating our industry’s collaborative efforts around the AdChoices icon, these findings also highlight the value of the AdChoices icon as a universally recognized tool for providing real-time access to advertising-related information and options,” Mastria continued. “For the past 14 years, digital advertising companies have worked together to create, integrate and expand the tools available to consumers through the ubiquitous AdChoices Icon, and we plan to build on that trusted relationship to provide new and expanded tools that continue to satisfy the needs of both consumers and companies.

The survey was conducted among 1,109 American adults through SurveyMonkey. February 17-24, 2024. Based on a 95 percent confidence interval, the survey’s margin of error is +/- 3 percent. Complete survey results are available on the DAA website at

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